Decentralised ledger SOLUTIONS for  multi-asset & MULTI-currency ISSUANCE,  settlement, AND RECORD-KEEPING

RISE is a London based solution provider of de-central ledgers for the post-trade industry. It allows its clients to efficiently issue, settle, and record-keep financial assets.


The team behind RISE includes a group of post-trade industry veterans who started investing in the idea in 2014. When an initial search revealed that no off-the-shelf solution fit the purpose, the group acquired a pioneering blockchain technology firm to build a solution that would meet all the requirements for the post-trade industry. Development efforts started in 2015. Subsequently, RISE has  established a partnership  with a leading consultant, who has advised the ECB and Commission on post-trade infrastructure.


Today, RISE is an independent firm that is a market leader in the provision of de-central ledger solutions for post-trading. RISE frequently speaks at industry conferences and engages with numerous regulators. Ultimately it aims to help regulated financial institutions move into a new world of shared and distributed ledgers - with confidence in scalability and confidentiality of the solution to which they are entrusting  assets.





RISE's distributed technology is custom built from the  ground up to address needs of the  post-trade industry:


  • Ledger Software and network operated by clients and based on open source and proprietary concepts.
  • Ledger SERVICES API that allows integration with legacy platforms via traditional programming languages.
  • Cryptography-based permissions to perform business functions on the ledger.
  • Client Applications for regulated firms to manage issuance, settlement and record keeping in DLT systems.

RISE's post-trade and blockchain technology experts bring distributed solutions from business concept to production:


  • Strategy Development to identify the ideal starting point, path to production and future growth opportunities.
  • Prototype Projects to demonstrate working solutions to your business partners in a de-central environment.
  • Implementation Projects to bring distributed post-trade infrastructure to production.
  • Network Governance of operational de-central post-trade environments.




RISE is committed to help the post-trade industry move into the decentralized era. With our unique mix of post-trade and distributed  technology ledger know-how, the RISE Think Tank conducts original research on the application of distributed ledger technology to the post-trade industry. Our research covers technical, operational, financial, legal and governance aspects. As well as conducting our own research, we also monitor and analyse trends and innovations taking place in the distributed ledger post-trade space.

To request access to existing reports, inquire interest in a not yet published report, or to suggest new topics, contact the RISE team here.




Thorsten started working at Deutsche Bank and spent most of his career at State Street, a global settlement and safekeeping institution with USD 20-30trn assets under administration. During his 15 years in the industry he was driving multi-million dollar revenue products from concept to market adoption; he initiated and launched a firm wide corporate venture program to scout and invest in innovative and strategically aligned FinTech startups. Thorsten also established an entirely new business division as part of the management team. He grew up in Austria, completed programs at LBS, IMD, Harvard and has lived and worked in Frankfurt, London, New York, Boston, and Singapore.

Arne Brutschy, Head of Technology

Arne is responsible for the overall technical development of our distributed multi-asset issuance, settlement, and recordkeeping solution. He started as systems engineer in the crypto currency space and masters scaleability and performance requirements for our next generation, fit-for-post-trade distributed ledger. Prior to RISE, with his German engineering mindset he has architected a series of blockchain services that have proven to be secure and scalable. Three of the top ten Bitcoin addresses of all time (measured by number of transactions) belong to the services he created. Arne holds a PhD in distributed artificial intelligence.

Rehan O'Grady, Head of Advisory

Rehan is responsible to understand client problems and to translate them into distributed solutions based on RISE technology. He co-founded the blockchain technology firm that was acquired by RISE. Rehan has a long history of delivering enterprise innovation. He took his own patented invention on network outage detection from concept through to delivery. Rehan has pre-sales, post-sales and program management experience with clients all over the world. Rehan’s passion for distributed systems led to a PhD in swarm robotics, and then into blockchains. Together with Arne and Jeremie he has developed privacy focused digital currency services. Rehan is British and grew up in Kensington, London.

Jeremie Dubois-Lacoste, Head of Research


Jeremie is a pioneering entrepreneur and developer in the crypto currency space. For RISE's specialised distributed settlement solution Jeremie manages the work effort around data confidentiality. Among many other achievements, services he developed together with Arne account for 5% of total Bitcoin transaction volume worldwide. Jeremie is a high visibility blockchain expert and is frequently invited to give talks at high profile government institutions and corporations. His blockchain expertise, together with his PhD in combinatorial algorithms qualifies him perfectly to deliver blockchain innovation for RISE. Jeremie is French and spends significant time in Brussels.


Brendan Bradley





Former Board Member and CIO at Eurex Exchange (part of Deutsche Börse Group)


Former Head of Product Development at State Street Global Services and Deutsche Bank (Transaction Banking)


Former Chairman of European Banking Federation (Post Trade) and Industry Engagement Executive at RBS


Kathleen Tyson


Mauro Cappiello



Advises on modernisation of central bank and financial market infrastructure with Granularity Ltd, specialising in cross-border and multi-currency projects.

Former Board Member at Clearstream. Founder of Cappiello Advisory Group, specialising on DLT strategies and operational performance improvements.

Operating Partner of a 2.5bn GBP Growth Capital Firm in the UK.



Professor of Finance at Oxford University and Partner at OXERA






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Decentralised ledger technology for multi-asset and multi-currency  settlement AND SAFEKEEPING.