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Just as a beautiful garden takes time to bloom, we at RISE had to take time to get things right. Now is the moment for change. Our name has served us well. However, we want to better align our vision and brand as we evolve into a global fintech company.

Our product enables more efficient processing of securities in digital format by creating new infrastructure for financial institutions. We are proud to have our roots in London, and we remain firmly committed to the UK market. However, with regional networks for mutual funds, cross-border networks for public shares, and a network for carbon markets our reach is now global.  As we enter the next phase of growth, it is time for our brand to evolve.

We find inspiration in the word "calyptra" - the part of the plant protecting its seed. The calyptra is the first to break ground when the plant starts to root. Evolution would not occur without it.

At RISE, our work is to set the seeds for and nourish new, smart financial networks. Once a new network has rooted it can flourish, evolve, and grow.

RISE becomes KALYP.

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